Meet Us

Birchwood offers a continuum of care through a campus setting, which means we will help you find your greatest quality of life and reach your peak physical abilities. In addition, the Birchwood team strives everyday to provide the best possible service to each and every client while maintaining your dignity and leaving the decisions for your life in your hands. We recognize that this is a home for those that we serve, so the comfort, happiness, and well-being of those who live here is our highest priority.

Our roots have grown deep since our grand opening in 1964. We have become an integral part of the Forest Lake community, adding to its growth through employment and participation. Birchwood’s success is based on the success of our community. With all of us working together and supporting each other, the outcome continues to be nothing but positive.

We encourage you to stop by and check us out soon – you’ll be surprised with what Birchwood has to offer!