“The rehab team at Birchwood is the best! They know exactly who you are, and know exactly what you need to get you to perform to your best potential and get you back on your feet. I would highly recommend the rehab team at Birchwood.” – M. L.

“The food at Birchwood is great, and the staff takes good care of me.”  V. D.

“The activities staff is exceptional! They always try to come up with creative ideas that everyone will love.” – B. H.

“The therapy team is great! They got me up and running!” – M. O.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Birchwood. This staff is compassionate, helpful, and very caring. They often go above and beyond to help. The staff at Birchwood are excellent at their jobs.” – Ann

“I like it at Birchwood Arbors. Everybody is friendly. The staff is very efficient, the food is very good, and the activities are great!” – Lorraine

“I enjoy participating in the activities we have here.” – Marge

“I have lived here at the Arbors for 12+ years.  It is an enjoyable place to live.” – Bart