Brain Health – “Use it, or Lose it!”

We have all experienced those silly forgetful moments such as, misplacing an item or stumbled to come up with just the right words for a conversation.   And often times in those moments we find ourselves questioning our mental state.  Although in certain situation forgetfulness can be the first indicator of a deeper medical issue, Dr. Richard C. Senelick, M.D, a neurologist and medical director at Health South in San Antonio Texas, explains that many of us will experience a mild lapse in memory as a natural part of aging.

The good news it there are easy way in which we can enhance our cognitive abilities, and improve our overall memory function.

  • Eat Right
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Keep learning new things
  • Play Brain Games

Birchwood Senior Living is dedicated to keep seniors healthy and thriving, thereby allowing them to enjoy life to its fullest.  Therefore we are excited to offer a FREE Senior Learning presentation that will discuss ways in which senior can focus on improving their memory and staying fit.

Please join us!

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