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Birchwood Senior Living offers FREE Fall Prevention and Balance Training

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Experiencing a fall can be a very serious matter for an older adult. According to the National Council on Aging, “Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans.” Michael E. Rogers, Ph.D. explains that falls “are not only the leading cause of injury-related deaths in this population, but they are also a significant cause of disability. In fact, falls cause ten percent of all emergency department visits and more than half of injury-related hospitalizations.”

Why are seniors falling? There are several contributing factors that put seniors in a higher risk category for experiencing a fall than someone 20 years their junior. According an article on, lack of physical activity, impaired vision, medications, disease, surgeries, and environmental hazards can play a significant role in why more and more seniors are falling.

The good news is…

Falls are preventable! Simply by becoming more aware of the safety of your home and of the products you’re use on a daily bases can drastically reduce the chance for a fall to occur.

The National Council on Aging provides us 6 Steps for Preventing Falls Among Your Older Loved Ones.

1. Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe
2. Discuss their current health conditions.
3. Ask about their last eye check-up.
4. Notice if they’re holding onto walls, furniture, or someone else when walking or if they appear to have difficulty walking or arising from a chair.
5. Talk about their medications..
6. Do a walk-through safety assessment of their home. (i.e. lighting, stairs, bathrooms etc.)

Birchwood Senior Living is dedicated to providing seniors with the educational tools required in order to thrive and remain independently in their homes. However when a fall occurs, the odds of living independently can be stacked against you. Therefore, Birchwood Senior Living is partnering with Aegis Therapies to offer a FREE Fall Prevention and Balance Training class. Please join us on Monday, August 7th 2017 at 2:00 p.m. to learn important ways to prevent falls and increase balance.

The content in this article is for informational purpose only. It is NOT intended to be used as a substitute to the advice from a medical professional.


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